What's inside the Summer 2020 review?

Every six months, we investigate the most significant topics and emerging trends in talent acquisition. Past editions have included thought pieces on the following topics; neurodiversity, unconscious bias in the workplace, and the age-agnostic workplace. 

The topics covered in the Summer 2020 edition of the Armstrong Craven Review are:

  • Using Psychometrics to Support Diversity
  • The Rise of the Female CTO in Asia Pacific
  • True Grit: Building Resilient Teams

Drawing from our unique research across HR and Talent Acquisition, our 2020 Summer Review provides viewpoints and analysis of some of the most critical talent sector trends. Over the past few months, our experts have been taking an in-depth look into psychometric testing, building resilient teams and the rise of female CTOs.

In the current climate, your leadership and talent acquisition teams have had to adapt to a new way of working. Leading from the spare bedroom, building more resilient teams and improving diversity at board level are still present challenges, and our data-driven insights can help you make the right decisions.

All the featured articles draw from our extensive research, experience and conversations across the tech, financial services, consumer, industrial, healthcare and life sciences sectors. To download our whitepaper today, fill out the form and enjoy the unique insights from our talent experts.