What's inside Volume 7 of the Armstrong Craven Review?

The Review investigates the most significant topics and emerging trends in talent acquisition. Past editions have included articles on DE&I strategy, Succession Planning, HR's role in the recovery of the workforce and the rise of the Female CTO in APAC.

The topics covered in Volume 7 include:

  • The Challenge Of Scaling Talent - Lessons Learned From The Pharmaceutical Industry Through A Global Pandemic.

  • The Surging Demand for Recruiters, What is driving it, and where do we go from here

  • Looking Back and Moving Forwards. Reflections and Observations Following The Previous Review.

Drawing from our unique research across HR and Talent Acquisition, The Armstrong Craven Review provides viewpoints and analysis of some of the most critical talent sector trends.

In this edition, we reflect on how working life has changed post-pandemic and what the future role of the recruiter looks like as the demand for talent surges. Our experts take a look at how the recruiter’s role is changing as their skill sets continue to grow beyond simple hiring support. We also analyse the pharmaceutical industry’s experience of scaling talent during a global pandemic and what other industries can take from it to get ahead in their talent strategies.

Each article utilises our extensive research, experience and conversations across the tech, financial services, industrial, consumer, healthcare and life sciences sectors. To download the review today, fill out the form and enjoy the unique insights from our talent experts.